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What To Expect In A Fundraiser

Question mark. What you can expect from a Chris Cakes fundraiser event

What You Can Expect from Chris Cakes STL

When you work with us to help your fundraising event, we go the extra mile to ensure speed and quality! Here's what you can expect:

-Confirmation calls to check your estimates.

-Arrival on time and with plenty of food to serve your estimated number of arrivals.

-We pack heavy on most events to help you raise more money by accepting walk ups. If you feel you will have lots of walk ups include a portion of that in your estimate and let your flipper know the day before when they make the confirmation call to you. We only hold you accountable for 50% of your estimate as a minimum charge or $350 whichever is larger so please be as accurate as you can so we bring enough food.

-We send out ample grills that we feel will handle your crowd as successfully as possible. If you are over 300 people you should consider selling serve times to stagger the crowd. Our grill handles about 225 people an hour.

-Some days throughout the year we will only have 1 grill available for your event regardless of your estimate. We will stay longer to accommodate your crowd if necessary but only if there is a steady line of people to continue feeding.

-Please don't expect every single person to get flipped to. We do the best we can to entertain everyone, however it does slow the line when we flip to every person so we do pick and choose to try to balance the line and the entertainment.

-You should totally expect fast fun and friendly atmosphere from beginning to end!

-You should expect a bill at the end of the event. Please make arrangements to have payment ready when the event is over.

-We bill based on plate count and plate count ONLY we will not adjust for tickets or slash marks or any other method of counting. We know that if someone took a plate they ate a meal. That is how we bill. You are welcome to hand out plates just know it slows the line by about 30%.